Train Harder

Train Harder

Welcome to a brand new immersive Western World

During western times a train attack turned bad and you are now stuck on a train with a crazy driver endlessly speeding up but here is a thing, many lethal obstacles are coming toward you and if you don’t avoid them … well … you know the meaning of ‘lethal’ right ?
Obstacles aren’t the single trouble that you will encouter, some bandits without mercy will try to stop you making off with the loot, but your gun can be helpfull in that situation.

Are you as good dodger as shooter?
Well cowboy, join the game and show us your skills!

Train Harder is a very demanding game, stretch and warm up before playing the game.
Trailer on version 0.4 (03/2017)

Train Harder is now available on your steam store for 6.99$ only!
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The team