Author: Olivier Barraud


New Engine – New Project

It’s been a while since you didn’t hear from us and you might ask yourself why. We’ve been busy working on a new project for a while now. I can’t tell you exactly what’s this project is about but what I can tell is, it’s a networked project using a new Engine! Previously we were


Bully The Meepo – New Media

Hello Frogs, We have added two medias this week to our custom game. During the private alpha stage, we noticed that most of the new players didn’t read the game description and did not know what to do in-game. This is why we decided to create an artwork explaining the rules of the game, this


Bully the Meepo our DotA2 – Custom Game

Hello Frogs, I have a little surprise for all our gamers, I have been working for weeks now on a Custom Game made for DotA2. If you don’t know this game already, DotA2 is a Free To Play game downloadable on Steam. What’s cool is that Valve gave us the opportunity to customize their game