Bully The Meepo – New Media

Bully The Meepo – New Media

Hello Frogs,

We have added two medias this week to our custom game.

During the private alpha stage, we noticed that most of the new players didn’t read the game description and did not know what to do in-game.

This is why we decided to create an artwork explaining the rules of the game, this artwork is shown at the start of a new game so no one can miss it.

Bully The Meepo Rules Artwork

Also, by looking to the custom mod preview it was hard to understand what the game was about just by looking to the screenshots.

So we decided to create a very short gameplay video visible in the DotA2 client next to our screenshots.

Our custom game is out of its private alpha phase and is now public for all.

You can visit the custom mod page on steam workshop by following this link: < Custom Game Page >

Thanks for reading us,
I wish you a great day and I see you very soon!

Olivier Barraud

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