Bully the Meepo our DotA2 – Custom Game

Bully the Meepo our DotA2 – Custom Game

Hello Frogs,

I have a little surprise for all our gamers, I have been working for weeks now on a Custom Game made for DotA2.
If you don’t know this game already, DotA2 is a Free To Play game downloadable on Steam.
What’s cool is that Valve gave us the opportunity to customize their game to create our own custom games.

I am proud to introduce you Bully The Meepo – DotA2 Custom Game.

Bully The Meepo - Custom Game

Bully The Meepo Story

Every year, as Frostivus approaches, all the meepos are wondering who’s going to steal the Centaur’s Gift this year.
By tradition, every year the bravest meepos from the valley meet in cold mountains of Singer’s Gulch to establish who’s the strongest.
To do so the meepos have to steal the Frotivus gift from the scariest beast of the region, the Centaur.
But this time, the Centaur was prepared, he trapped the meepos and he is now well decided to retrieve his stolen gift.

Bully The Meepo Concept

In this game use all your skills to succeed. The Centaur is charging the player holding the Gift and the only ways to survive is to dodge him or to sent the gift to another player.
The last standing with the gift wins round, after 3 round wins the player is declared victorious.

Bully The Meepo Informations

The game is in Private Alpha stage of development.
Online custom game up to 10 players.
More information to come .

It’s all for now,
I wish you a great day and I see you very soon!

Olivier Barraud

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