What’s in the pipe ?

What’s in the pipe ?

Hi Frogs,

Today I would like to share with you what is currently in the pipe for Train Harder.

We have been working these previous days on the version 1.3.oculus-grey
We are glad to announce that Train Harder is now compatible Oculus Rift!

We worked on some adjustment in the game, here and there, to improve your experience.
If you find anything that might annoy you, feel free to contact us.

This version should be out and ready for this week end!

Also, we are working on having Train Harder translated into Russian and Spanish!
This two giant of our community and we are glad we can show our respect and have our game in your very own language.

Is this all? The answer is no, we have more!
A very nice surprise is coming up with an update that will add more to Train Harder gameplay.
We already made great progress on version 1.4! I can only tell you today that this version will include a new mode that will be our biggest patch.
I will write more about this in another ticket very soon and will include some exclusive screenshots.

I wish you Frogs a very nice day!

Bertrand Barraud

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