Train Harder – Version 1.3 !

Train Harder – Version 1.3 !

Hi Frogs,

Today is a big day, Train Harder Version 1.3 is out !!
Welcome to our Oculus friends, enjoy the news changes and stay tuned for Version 1.4


Some information from the devs about this versions.

We based our small adjustments on your feedbacks and would like to thank you!

About the compatibility, it went pretty smooth, we thought about it at a very young stage of development when we started to work on the HTC Vive version.

The longest part was actually getting our Oculus headset at the company. We first ordered online and waited for weeks, before we decided to cancel and try our chance at the shop.
We finally got our headset at the shop on our first try. Our advice, if you want your Oculus fast, go at your local shop first, it’s a bottleneck online.

Regards Frogs!

Bertrand Barraud

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